Dr. MacLellan provides full pet dentistry services along with oral surgery and currently offers her services at the VCA Highlands Ranch Specialty & Emergency Center. A thorough physical examination and history are required at the 1st visit. A consult with “Dr. Mac” is recommended if your pet is experiencing oral health problems, malocclusions, oral pain, stomatitis, or oral cancer. Dr. Mac offers full endodontic treatments (root canals, vital pulpotomies), and recommends full metal crowns for dogs.

Dr. MacLellan provides advanced dental procedures through referrals from your regular veterinarian or by appointment with the VCA Highlands Ranch Specialty & Emergency Center. Dr. MacLellan offers advanced dental procedures that can enhance the function and health of your pet’s teeth and mouth. For example, as an alternative to extracting your pet’s teeth there may be other options such as periodontal surgery, root canals, crowns, restoratives or orthodontic adjustments. Please contact the center so that we can better assist you in finding the right treatment for your pet.